Mary Halima Fleming

Mary Halima Fleming

2019 Class description:

Come find out how life purpose hand analysis can help you know, embody and live your soul’s highest life purpose. Your soul purpose is written in your soul and encoded in your very fingerprints before you were even born! When understood properly, you will be at peace with who you are and what you came to express in the world. Join us to re-ignite your passion for life, career and relationships.

2019 instructor: Mary halima Fleming

Mary Halima Fleming, Life Purpose Hand Analyst, Sufi Spiritual Healer and Life Purpose Acceleration Coach’s mission is to teach, heal and inspire those who are yearning to live their lives on purpose and manifest their divine destiny! She has read over 5000 pairs of hands and brings humor, healing and deep understanding to help people who are ready to live the lives they secretly know they’re meant to live.

Mary Halima burned her business suit and pumps forever and left a successful career in corporate America to study and live her soul purpose as “leader, healer, messenger with love.” Her passion is helping people to know, embody and manifest their soul’s highest purpose. She maintains a full-time practice in South Florida and travels nationwide offering teachings, life purpose readings, healings and retreats.