Leslie McGuirk

Leslie McGuirk


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Come find out why astrology works! If given the correct date, time and place of birth, a skilled astrologer can determine the best course for your life. Astrology is a science and a language. When used properly it enables people to be at peace with what they are. It is also extremely useful in determining why we get along with some people more than others. 

instructor | leslie Mc Guirk

Leslie McGuirk is an internationally acclaimed designer, children’s book author, astrologer and corporate speaker on the topic of creative thinking. She launched her eco-friendly company, McGuirk’s Quirks Design Company, in 1984 with a line of environmental T-shirts, later building the iconic brand to include over 1,500 products sold by Takashimaya department stores in Japan. She has written and illustrated over 20 children’s books with over two million copies sold worldwide. As an astrologer, Leslie has an international clientele, and has been featured on Coast to Coast radio, The Jenny McCarthy Show, and in Elle Magazine. Her first adult non-fiction book, The Power Of Mercury,  was published by Harper Collins in 2016. She has been a popular guest speaker at award-winning spas, like Rancho La Puerta, and Red Mountain Spa for over 20 years. She also gives talks on creative thinking in the corporate world. Her  clients include Wachovia Bank, Wilmington Trust, Embry-Riddle Aeronautic University, The Jim Henson Company, The M Financial Group, and Silver Seas Cruise Lines.