Dance Your Cares Away

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Recent studies have shown that dancing can reverse signs of aging in the brain, especially when routines change.  "Jymmin" mixing jamming with gymnastics is one method being tested. intenSati, a movement that started in New York City more than a dozen years ago has uplifted thousands. "Inten," meaning intention - "Sati," meaning mindfulness has been described as Zumba meets yoga. It’s founder, Patricia Moreno, describes it as a “sweat-dripping, heart-pumping, mood-lifting cardio awakening that combines dance and yoga with martial arts.” The intention: “to train your inner critic to become your inner coach so you can experience positive, lasting, and fulfilling results.”

Lucy Osborne, an intenSati teacher and the graphic artist who designed Moreno’s website, says it transformed her from “a worrier to warrior in my own life.” 

Osborne has never been to the Tetons. But she will be here Sep. 9-13 for the first-ever Soul Ranch at Moose Creek Ranch. We can’t wait to have her share the power of her personal journey and the power of intenSati in this powerful place.

Nancy Rogers