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Sara Schulting-Kranz

Sara Schulting-Kranz


2019 Class description:

We all have the ability to Transform our Life, to live a life of our choosing. Yet for many of us, we get caught up in the chatter of cell phones, technology and the “should’s” in life. That voice in our head speaks loud, from a place of societal expectations. I’m here to share that it’s possible to stop the chatter, find clarity, be you, and live a life on your terms. You ask, “HOW?” I answer, “Start where we all began: in NATURE.”

Join me as I lead you on hiking trails while sharing insight, coaching tools, and nature bathing in your life  - Transforming in the Process! We will journal, meditate, ground our bodies and learn so many powerful ways that nature will Heal your Heart and Ignite your Soul. I share many first-hand experiences from not only my own life, but Grand Canyon clients’ lives, as well.

2019 instructor | SARA SCHULTING-KRANZ

I am an Adventurer at Heart. I am a woman who believes in Truth, Inspiration and Hope in Life. I believe that we all have the Power within to Overcome.

I have lived through some of life’s most difficult traumas. From sexual assault as a teenager to relational and betrayal trauma in my marriage of seventeen years - it has not been easy! And yet, I could not be happier. How? Because I integrated one key piece to my personal recovery plan: Nature Healing.

Slow the Mind. Move the Body. My own self-help foundation of strength, empowerment, healing and transformation began while being and moving in nature. Hiking trails and climbing mountains was grounding. Stand up paddling on the Pacific Ocean provided the container to discharge fear, anger, and shed tears. I have stared into the eye of a whale, been guided to shore by dolphins while lost in thick fog, and felt the deep connection that nature provides.