destiny card reading

Rosie Cutter

Rosie Cutter


2019 Class description:

Rosie will join us for personal 15 min recorded readings for each person at Soul Ranch, which will utilize The Destiny Card System, giving us a snapshot into your personal talents and shadows, as well an a forecast for the upcoming years. 

2019 instructor | Rosie Cutter

Rosie Cutter is an international performance artist and astrologer. After studying western astrology, palm reading, jyotish astrology and Human Design, she came upon the Destiny Card system while living on the island of Kauai, HI. Integrating numerology and western astrology, this ancient birthday calendar predates the tarot. She found her true self through the system, and it opened her eyes to the realization that all forms of life are connected through ancient patterns. If we merely stop to take the time and reflect, we can see which waves in life are the best ones for us to catch. Since the discovery of Destiny Cards Rosie has traveled the world far and wide to places like Brazil, Ibiza, Hawaii, Italy, and all over America to share her passion for knowledge that helps people, families, and companies navigate this strange world. She is highly sought after, performing over 1,000 readings a year and more than 10,000 readings in her career.