Anna Krishtal

Anna Krishtal


2019 Class description:

As we prepare to go into the fall months, let’s take an example from nature and shed all that which doesn’t serve us.  As the trees shed their leaves to prepare for the shorter days and longer nights, let’s go on a guided hypnosis journey to explore that which isn’t serving us and gracefully let it go.

Guided hypnosis for releasing fear, anxiety, and procrastination (or any other thoughts, habits, or compulsions that aren’t serving you)

There is a powerful method for creating the type of life that you want, and that involves aligning your energy and emotions with the type of energy you want more of.  Ever notice that a little bit of worrying will inevitably lead to more worrying?  In this session, we’ll take an inventory of the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are turned up (maybe fear, doubt, anxiety, and worry ) and those that you’d like to feel more of (maybe peace, confidence, love, and joy) and adjust them accordingly.  Anxiety, down, peace up?  Yes, please!  Fear down, confidence up?  Yes, please!  Procrastination down, action up? Yes, please!

2019 instructor | anna krishtal

Anna Krishtal is a yoga instructor, meditator, lover of sunshine, and hypnotherapist. After years searching the world for healing in her own life, she landed on the fastest, deepest, and most powerful tool to lasting, effective, and profound transformation – hypnosis. Having seen her own life and that of all of her clients transformed by hypnotherapy, she left her corporate job and life in NYC to travel the world sharing this lasting transformative work with others. She is honored to be presenting at the inaugural Soul Ranch in Wyoming, and looks forward to seeing you all in one of the sessions offered.