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Linda Yeazel

Linda Yeazel


2019 Class description:

Learning to recognize your negative thoughts and disempowering beliefs is essential to taking action and making changes. Discover ways to quiet the mind, discover your gifts, and step into your power. It’s time for you! Stop the “People Pleaser” and make yourself your #1 priority. Discover what prevents you from saying NO and learn ways to put yourself first. It’s essential for healthy relationships and a joyful life.

2019 instructor | Linda Yeazel

Linda Yeazel has been fascinated by spiritual and personal growth since she was a little girl. As a child of divorce with an alcoholic father, the fear and insecurity of her family life created a lot of self-doubt. To cover her doubt and insecurity she developed a quick sense of humor and courage. Throughout life she’s had a voice that says “You don’t think I can do that? Just watch me!” That courage has guided her throughout her career path in sales, management, early childhood education and most recently as a business and health coach in the wellness industry.

The ability to heal our emotional wounds is what excites Linda her about this work. Linda’s vulnerability, strength, playfulness and humor create a safe space for clients to embrace this powerful work. Clients have all of the answers they need right inside of them. Many just need a guide and a safe space to listen to their inner wisdom and the support to take action.

Linda is a Master Certified Integrative Coach. She’s been married to her husband for 32 years, and is the step-mom to a special needs adult daughter.