Tim Rothschild

Tim Rothschild


2019 Class description:

Few people are conscious of the degree to which names and numbers influence all human communication and progress. Everything is named and numbered. We live in a mathematical world. Our names are also numbered – for every letter of the alphabet has a number corresponding to its position and orderly relationship to the 26 letters forming the alphabet.

This workshop is held within the container of nonduality, healing, and awakening – so please, show up as you are, participate or just sit back and take it in, and then let the information work you. You will be transformed.

2019 instructor | Tim Rothschild

Tim Rothschild is the founder of The Third Thing Network and Co-Founder of The Divine Movement, Tim Rothschild is an explorer, dedicating his life to healing and awakening work. His focus remains within the realm of conflict resolution, map-making, as well as truth and reconciliation with what it means to be Human.

The integration of this particular healing and awakening work opens the door for more possibility and potential to unfold holographically, that is, everywhere and in everything. He is a graduate of A Society of Souls, and continues this work through Advanced Studies Groups, as well as Impersonal Movement 1 and 2. He is a practitioner of the MAGI process and an apprentice in the 4 year ASOS class in Dubai. He is co-host of The Divine Movement Podcast, as well as various other programs.