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Gypsy Cloud

Gypsy Cloud


2019 Class description:

Would you react all to figures in a dream you knew you were dreaming? Bridging the gap between limited consciousness and Divine Presence clarifies the distinction of the seemingly real and the aspect of our existence that is real, powerful and unlimited. Embedding unity consciousness with the Self brings the extension of our divinity to the world we see, knowing that mindfulness and wholeheartedness are but different expressions of the union of mind and heart. Wholeheartedness will aid us in reconciling the laws of the world with the law of the universe as mindfulness aides in our remembering who we are. Our session is an exploration of an uncompromising, radical awareness of the awakened, empowered Self.

2019 instructor | Gypsy cloud

At age of 8, Gypsy Cloud’s grandmother began a 4 year process of initiation with her which included teaching her how to test for truth, the nature of energy, the Akashic Records, parallel realities, and much more.  Since 1986 she has shared transformational alignment with groups and individuals; as a Rolf practitioner, an ordained minister and teacher of A Course in Miracles, and as an advanced Soul Realignment practitioner.  She offers an entirely unique technology for identifying and clearing karma, and elevating consciousness to remember Divine Presence, which she is eager to bring to all.