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Mary Raymakers

Mary Raymakers


2019 Class description:

Fire ceremonies are used by native cultures to "unwind" and free up energies from situations that we wish to be freed from – as a piece of wood's energy is set free from the fire. As well as celebrate power times like the solstices and equinox.

The opening ceremony is to release into the fire what you wish to release during this retreat, and set in motion what you would like instead. The closing fire ceremony is to really put into motion what you have been working on during the retreat to create and manifest your dreams into reality so when you go home, the process will continue to manifest.

2019 instructor | mary raymakers

Mary Raymakers is world renowned Master Sacred Shaman, and Executive Director and instructor for New Wisdom University who is highly qualified to teach on practical spirituality. For over twenty-five years, Mary has empowered people to live their life's true purpose by unleashing their unlimited potential. Mary's area of specialty and expertise is in clearing out emotional pain and negativity completely AND permanently and, in most cases, in one session. In the ancient ways of the Incas and the Tibetan Buddhists, Mary works with the masterful Celestial Beings on the other side, and her passion is to teach people how to work with them to super-charge their own journey into their Authentic Self.

In addition to specializing in the energy medicine traditions of the Incas, Mary deepened her shamanic skills and healing abilities with modern avant-garde methods like Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett; Yuen Method and Innergetics, both with Dr. Hector Garcia, and ThetaHealingT with Vianna Stibel.