Daniela Botur

Daniela Botur


2019 Class description:

Crystal singing bowls are attuned to the chakras, or seven meridians in the body. Each bowl has a unique vibration that corresponds to a physical, emotional and mental state helping people balance their physical and energetic field.

2019 instructor | Daniela Botur

Daniela Botur is a healing arts and crystal singing bowl practitioner of over 12 years. Her passion is to help people cultivate practices of mindfulness and positive intention setting in their lives. Daniela offers meditations, workshops and performances using crystal singing bowls and other high vibrational modalities to guide people in their busy and over-stimulated lives. Ultimately she simply assists others in connecting with their inner joy, peace and wisdom. She practices and co-creates with others at LotusVibes, her wellness boutique in downtown Jackson, Wyoming where she offers group meditation, sound bowl experiences and workshops. Over the last decade she has played in festivals, schools, workplaces and studios and retreats around the globe, touching the lives of thousands of people.