Q: What is Soul Ranch?

It is a 5-day, 4-night retreat for women to discover yourself again, to ignite that flame inside of you and to meet other like-minded women. You will get curious and explore a new version for your next phase in life.

Q. What’s included in my ticket?

Unlimited classes, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, cozy accommodations, Soul Ranch swag bag and new friends.  Lodging options range from staying in your own deluxe cabin all the way to pitching your tent.

Q. What’s not included in my ticket?

Plane ticket and transportation to and from airport.

Q. Is Soul Ranch for women only?

Yes. But we will have 2 or 3 male expert teachers.

Q. If I am flying in, which airports should I consider?

JAC is Jackson Hole and is approx. 40 min drive to SR
IDA is Idaho Falls and is approx. 1.25 hr drive to SR
SLC is Salt Lake City, Utah and is approx. a 5 hr drive to SR

Q. How do I get to Soul Ranch from the airport?

We will be offering shuttles rides for a fee from JAC airport only.  Once you sign up, you will be asked if you need a shuttle.

Q. If I am bringing my friend, can we share a bed for a lesser rate?

Yes.  It will be the cost of the accommodations you choose, plus an additional person 5-day pass rate.

Q. Is there a minimum age to attend the retreat?

Yes, 21 years old.

Q. Can I pay for Soul Ranch on a payment plan?

Not at this time.

Q. Do most people come alone or with friends?

Most people will come alone as this experience is a personal journey and you can share your truth freely.  It is wonderful to witness strangers turning into great friends, so whether you come alone or come with friends at SR remember to show up and be yourself. There are many women that choose to come with a partner or bestie.

Q. Can I bring my child or pet?

No and No…..sorry kids, canines and felines!

How many participants are at Soul Ranch?

We are projecting anywhere from 30-50.

Q. What if I get sick at Soul Ranch?

Here at Soul Ranch, we are here to support you in any of your needs.  We will be among healers and we can always send a runner out to the pharmacy if needed.

Q. What if I sign up for Soul Ranch and cannot make it?

There are no refunds past a certain date, so you can transfer it to a friend.

Q. How do I get there?

See map with directions.

Q. What are sleeping accommodations like?

There are Deluxe Cabins,  Twin Rooms, The Ranch House, Glamping Tents, RV spots and pitch your Tent Camping.

 Q. What other things should I bring?

Besides comfy clothes and toiletries, bring a cold weather coat, rain coat, warm hat, sun hat, scarf, gloves, hiking shoes, snuggies for the nights around the campfire and a yoga mat.  It is Wyoming, so the weather can change quickly around here.

Q. What about weather?

We will plan on doing most all of the classes outside, unless the weather is persnickety and cold.  We have space for classes in the lodge and the barn. It can snow in September and it can also be 70º.  We will be checking the weather a few days before showing up and will share the forecast. 

Q. I have a special diet, will there be food for me?

We have a delightful caterer that can meet everyone’s needs.  When you register we will ask you about dietary needs.

Q. I am a light sleeper, BUT I want to share a room. what do you suggest?

We will have earplugs avail and we will also try to room you with another light sleeper.

 Q. Am I allowed to rest when I want?

Yes, you do not have to take every single class offered.  This is your time, your schedule, your process.  Take what you want and rest when your body signals you to.

 Q. Is my ticket transferable?


Q. Is there going to be alcohol?

No alcohol.  We really want you to experience all of your feelings that might be coming to the surface during the retreat and not to numb out.  So we have a strict no drugs, no alcohol policy.

Q. Would Soul Ranch ever be coming to my town?

If you have a strong desire to bring it to your town, lets talk! 

Q. Will there be wifi for me to check in with work and family?

Yes. We encourage you to check in with family and friends when you need to, but please keep in mind that  making phone calls can be disruptive for others, so we will have a ‘cell phone’ area or you can make the calls from your room, as long as your roommate is ok with that.

Q. What if there is an emergency back home…can someone reach me?

Yes, we will give out a landline.

Q. Can I come a day late? 

No… the retreat starts on day 1 and its important that everyone arrive day 1. Everyone starts to bond from the beginning and we respect the safe space that is being created.

Q. When will you announce dates for the next Soul Ranch?

We should be announcing new dates in August 2019.

 Q. What activities happen at Soul Ranch?

Yoga, Meditation, Horseback Riding, Life Coaching, Self Hypnosis, Soul Reunion, Shaman Practices, Numerology, Astrology, Sound Healing, intenSATI, Dancing, Singing, Massages, Wilderness Hike, Star Gazing and eating Smores!

 Q. What IF i want to come early or stay late?

Great! We will help guide you and send you things to do in and around Jackson Hole.