reignite. transform. restore.




After 25 years as a producer in the film industry, five years as a Life Coach working alongside Debbie Ford and getting a degree from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, my Aha moment arrived at Soul Camp in 2018.

I felt isolated, bored and flat-lined. “Is this all there is?” I asked myself. After some ruminating, I decided to sign up for a retreat in California that promised to provide a safe arena to dig deep while being truly authentic and vulnerable. The connections I made, rocked my world. Upon returning home, I was ready to dream big and share the intersection of my Soul Camp experience with my 40 years in the fresh air and starry skies in the Tetons.

I cannot wait to share this magical place and these brilliant teachers with you. They have helped me get in touch with my core beliefs and find beauty within. I now see that facing the pain of my childhood trauma, the death of my sister, and raising a son as a single mom after a relationship gone bad, has transformed my life.